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Wicker Dining Set- WDS15-09

Wicker tables and wicker furniture in Malaysia. These dining tables and chairs are made of synthetic hand woven wicker on premium grade teak wood frame. This dining tables can be used for commercial and residential places high quality, stylish wicker furniture made from premium grade synthetic wicker.

Outdoor Wicker Dining Set

Welcome to Casateak Furniture, where we bring you the best in Outdoor Wicker Dining Sets.We specially craft our dining tables and chairs for both homes and businesses, combining top-notch quality with a stylish touch. However, we craft them using handwoven synthetic wicker onto high-quality teak wood or aluminum.

Furthermore, our outdoor wicker dining sets are not just good-looking; they’re also tough enough to handle everyday use. The synthetic wicker adds a classy touch, and the teak wood makes sure everything stays strong and sturdy.

Picture this: a beautiful outdoor space with our dining Sets, making your family dinners special or impressing guests at your business. Moreover, the blend of synthetic wicker and teak wood gives a fancy look that fits right into any outdoor setting.

Choose Casateak furniture for quality and style in every piece. Our wicker furniture is built to last, promising a timeless charm and a wise investment for anyone who loves quality.

Make the most of both indoor and outdoor living with our versatile dining sets. Busy lifestyles need furniture that keeps up, and our wicker dining sets are up for the challenge. Enjoy the outdoors in comfort with our well-crafted chairs, making every moment special.

Additionally, Casateak furniture isn’t just about furniture; it’s about creating an experience. Dive into the world of outdoor luxury with our wicker dining sets, where every get-together feels like a party. Elevate your space with a mix of style and practicality, brought to you by Casateak Furniture – your go-to for simple yet sophisticated outdoor living.

Wicker Dining Set

Outdoor Wicker Dining Set


Dimensions 90 × 90 × 76 cm

Viro Wicker



Chair Dimension


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