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Throw Pillows

  • Durable throw pillow great for creating elegant and comforting spaces
  • Simple, modern design suits well with any decor style
  • Crafted from Polyester Fiberfill material for soft, unique comfort
  • Removable cushion covers for easy washing
  • Designed with a sewn closure for a sleek look

Various designs of throw pillows and cushions available to suit your home decor. Cushions comes in square and rectangular sizes. These cushions are made of Polyester Fiberfill, it is not an actual foam rather blown polyester fibers. An affordable option, it is a common stuffing for pillows and sofa back back cushions. It is also added under the sofa seat foam which gives cushions an additional protection.

Generally, Polyester Fiberfill is stuffed inside a pillow cover, which is then inserted into the throw pillows or cushion fabric to give support and shape. It gets its shape as per the cover in which it is filled. Fiberfill is non allergenic and resistant to mildew. It is machine washable, but the fiber can bunch up in laundering. Use your hand to smooth it back out if you decide to wash it.



Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm

Polyester Fiberfill + Fabric


1 year

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