Teakwood Umbrella Holder- Round

Prepare for rainy days and ensure your dripping umbrellas have a proper stand. This umbrella holder, crafted from grade A teak wood with a natural teak oil finish. This holder not only serves a practical purpose but also enhances the elegance of your entrance. It measures 30 cm in diameter and stands at a height of 50 cm. Handcrafted from high-quality teak wood, it is waterproof, termite-resistant, and boasts excellent stability due to its substantial weight at the base.

  • Diameter 30 cm x 50 cm high.
  • Hand made from grade A teak wood.
  • Waterproof and termite free.
  • No tipping over thanks to dead weight at bottom.

The Teakwood Umbrella Holder- Round is crafted entirely from pure teak. Prepare for rainy days and ensure that those dripping umbrellas have a stand to go into. Our Teak Wood Umbrella Holder is not just a practical addition to your entryway but also a stylish statement piece that complements your home decor. Furthermore, this Umbrella Holder is constructed from high-quality teak wood. Crafted from natural Indonesian plantation teak. It resists termites, rot, and decay, ensuring that it lasts for years. With its stylish design and smooth finish, our Teakwood Umbrella Holder- Round adds a touch of sophistication to any entryway. Its rich teak wood color and sturdy build make it a perfect fit for various interior styles.

In addition, it can hold multiple umbrellas, making it suitable for both small and large families. This umbrella holder comfortably fits into any corner of your entryway, maximizing your available space. People know teak wood for its low maintenance requirements. Simply wipe the holder with a dry cloth to maintain its natural shine.

Furthermore, our umbrella holder offers a seamless transition from practicality to style. It serves you well whether you’re returning from a rainy day or need a place to store your umbrellas. It gracefully fulfills its purpose.


Round Umbrella Holder
Round Umbrella Holder
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Teak wood


6 years

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