We deliver teak furniture and wicker furniture to all states of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak and other parts of the world . Our skillful delivery team will deliver the furniture to your address and installation is available where ever needed. We are also able to deliver loose teak furniture units to most countries in the world and delivery cost will be charged to the customer and depends on the country and quantity. If a customer from abroad orders full container load , we will be sending that directly from our factory on the Island of Java in Indonesia to the nearest local port. The client will have to go through a local agent to clear the shipment at the receiving port before container can be delivered to the consignee’s address .

Delivery charges based on location:

Klang Valley landed property                          RM 150.00

Klang Valley Condominium                             RM 180.00

Outside Kang valley in Selangor State             RM 180.00 – RM 280.00

Outside Selangor

Negri Sembilan                                             RM 350.00

Malacca                                                          RM 550.00

Johor                                                              RM 800.00

Ipoh                                                                RM 600.00

Penang                                                           RM 750.00

Kedah                                                            RM 800.00

Perlis                                                             RM 900.00

Terengganu                                                  RM 900.00

Kelantan                                                       RM 900.00

Note: All the above charges are based on 1 ton lorry and 1 worker, should the load be more , additional charges will apply .

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