Why Casateak’s Furniture is Durable?

Throughout the internet world, the selection for teak wood furniture is extensive, mirroring the diversity in pricing. This leaves often many shoppers to question why similar looking products vary so greatly in cost. The difference is in quality. Pictures cannot give you a fair representation of teak furniture when evaluating the quality and service of a product. We’re glad that you’re making this effort to learn more before making your purchasing decision and we trust that the insights we offer will be helpful to make the difference.

How is our both indoor and outdoor furniture different?

As Casateak is a one of the best teak wood furniture manufacturer, exporter and supplier in Malaysia and all across the world. We are leading online distributors of teak furniture in Malaysia. People recommend Casateak to others because the reason is that we always provide premium quality to both our online and offline customers. We have policy of our company to source our teak wood from sustainable plantations and credible certification (SVLK). Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK), also known as the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (INDO-TLAS), plays a pivotal role in affirming the legality and sustainability of timber products from Indonesia, a nation recognized as a prominent producer of various forest goods. The SVLK certification is a testament to the Indonesian government’s commitment to assuring the international market of the responsible sourcing and production of its timber.

Following are the factors in construction that highlights the difference in quality.

Best Quality Teak Furniture

Grade ‘A’ Quality of Teak Wood used:

Just same as with genuine leather and other expensive materials that we’ve grown to value, teak wood also varying in qualities. Casateak Furniture Malaysia uses only premium grade 100% pure teak wood, without any low quality or sapwood mixture. Only the most exceptional straight grain cuts are selected, and used in the production of our furniture. We use kiln-dried teak wood to our furniture with features that include: straight grain structure, different tone in finishing , and absence of knots, cracks.

Kiln-Drying process before production.

It is the process of taking out moisture from the teak wood. This stage is very crucial, because the moisture present in the teak wood is the cause of shrinking and expending of final product in different seasons. Our kiln drying process takes about 2 weeks to achieve a moisture content of around 10%. And additionally 5 to 6 weeks of resting to allow the wood to reabsorb the moisture naturally. This all process of absorption of moisture from wood ensure the dimensional stability of our products and will not bend , crack etc during and after manufacturing process.

Solid joinery.

Casateak uses different technique of joining the connections like Mortise and tenon joint, butt joint, dovetail joint, dado joint, and box joint with strict tolerances. Each technique depends on the design requirement of furniture. Each piece is precision cut to ensure perfect fit and using high performance water proof glue. Our furniture are hand made, it is assembled by hand and sanded by hand.

Premium Hardware.

Casateak prioritize in each aspects of their furniture construction. So, we use premium grade 304 stainless steel hardware items in our all furniture. These items are more durable and corrosion resistance. This superior material can last with our teak furniture.


Each product is inspected and sanded smoothly. Our skilled team does not leave any product without checking the quality and smoothness of surface. With our unwavering commitment to quality assurance, you can trust that your furniture investment will surpass your expectations in both beauty and durability.


At Casateak we take immanence pride in how beautifully we craft our furniture. So, we ensure you that you will take them in your door steps as well as it is made. We make sure that every unit reaches your home the same as it left from our factory. We check each unit of Packing before shipment.


Casateak provides life time guarantee of teak wood. Our furniture is make of best grade of teak wood that we can say proudly. It can last for life time because of the different quality of wood. Hence, our teak wood furniture contains all those characteristics which durable furniture must have.

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